why you change yourself?

Remember when I caught your eye
you gave me rainbows and butterflies
we did enjoy our happiness
when our love was over
I was such a mess

I smiled at you
and you smiled back
that's when I knew
there's no turning back
you said you loved me
and I did too
now though it's over
I still love you

you're in my mind
you're in my heart
I wish I knew right from the start
all my friends said you break my heart
A heartbreaker right from the start

I tried to fight it
I tried so hard
and every day
I pray to god
that you and me were meant to be

Ein wunderschöner Tag zwar keine Schule aber trotzdem da gewesen.
Catarina wird auch noch Bilder posten ,Ja sehr geiler Tag .. mampf Kekse *-*

Küsschen Amy!

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